Sakura Alley



Hi there! I am so happy that you found us! Not long ago, I left my corporate job to pursue my dream of being a full-time creator. I am passionate about helping small businesses grow. Graphics play a large role in advertising, information sharing, reaching your faithful customers, and finding new ones. My goal is to help your vision come to life with an image that represents your values and mission. 
The name Sakura Alley started as “76 Sakura Alley” is a fictitious address, that represents my life. I have never been close to my Japanese ancestry, but I love all things about the culture of Japan; food, art, and especially the people! In Japanese “Sakura” means cherry blossom. The Sakura has a very short life span, reminding us that life is beautiful, yet fleeting. We must enjoy it while we can! To me an alley is a shorter, not always easier route, at times a little rough around the edges. I think this represents my life perfectly.
I am a mother to two mostly awesome kids, 25 and 17. And have carried the title of “ok-est mom in the world” for all of my adult life. I love writing, painting, anything crafty, my ipad, my bed and my Chuck Taylors. 
It is a pleasure to meet you, Lets work together, to create something amazing!

Sabrina Paul, Graphic Designer | Creator

The Investment

The cost to develop branding can get very expensive. Re-branding can be just as costly. A logo is an investment. Throughout history the simplest logos last the longest. Keep in mind that the main purpose of a logo is effective identification. Your product or service will get you business and loyal customers, not your logo. Customers will only remember your logo if it is simple and memorable. While creating an effective logo seems simple, it can and will get very complex. My goal is to create something that never has to change! 


Take a look at some of my favorite logos, and how much they have changed*. We see that they have become less complex, over time. How many do you recognize?

*I do not own any rights to these logos. I am just a fan!  Some of these brands had MANY logo changes over the years. Each time simplifying.